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  • Continuous adjustment of the spring plunger FSTI with the aid of a thread
    »  Quick and reliable adaptation to workpieces of varying sizes and shapes
  • Various mounting options for mounting on load beams
    »  Adaption to all commonly used systems possible; quick installation, changing and reuse of modules; extremely flexible
  • Minimum size
    »  Lower weight and thus reduced costs


  • Used in combination with spring plungers, primarily in applications where it is necessary to compensate for workpieces with varying heights.
  • Typical applications are the removal of metal sheets from a stack or the handling of curved car bodywork components in automobile factories.


  • Spring-plunger holder made of high-strength, anodized aluminum, consisting of a holder, optionally with clamping screw, and various adapters.

Additional Information

 HTR-FST (339 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information