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  • Spring plunger with highquality sliding bearings and excellent guidance
    »  Very economical operation, since no maintenance needed
  • Internal damping spring
       »Soft placement on easily damaged workpieces; spring protected against dirt and external mechanical forces
  • Minimum overall height; weight optimized
    »  Suitable for use in very small spaces and with highly dynamic motion
  • Anti-rotation guard available as option
    »  Suitable for use with oval suction pads


  • Handling of workpieces with differing heights (such as curved sheet-metal parts, etc.)
  • Handling of easily damaged workpieces (such as sheets of glass) without additional control functions to prevent damage, since the plunger ensures soft placement
  • Particularly suitable for handling tasks in the automobile sector


  • Spring plunger consisting of high-strength steel rod, guide sleeve with integrated sliding bearing and internal damping spring
  • Burnished surface finish; on the version with anti-turning function, the plunger rod is specially coated for optimum sliding behaviour
  • Plunger rod with integrated vacuum feed (connection thread at top)
  • Anti-rotation guard by a flat side machined on the plunger rod and a correspondingly shaped guide sleeve
  • Thread for suction pad is always a male thread
  • Thread for vacuum line is either a female or male thread, as desired

Additional Information

 FSTI (366 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information