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  • Spring plunger with highquality sliding bearings and smoothed plunger rod
    »  Maintenance-free, with extremely long operating lifetime; suitable for short cycle times
  • Spring plunger with one or two damping springs
    »  Guarantees soft placement on easily damaged workpieces. Absorbs shocks and vibration. Prevents excessively long strokes.
  • Wide range of connection threads and stroke lengths
    »  Available for a wide range of applications and for all standard suction pads
  • Anti-rotation guard available as option
    »  Suitable for use with oval suction pads


  • Handling of workpieces with differing heights (such as curvedmetal sheets, etc.)
  • Handling of easily damaged workpieces (such as sheets of glass) without additional control functions to prevent damage, since the plunger ensures soft placement
  • For use under rough operating conditions
  • For handling tasks with very dynamic motion and short cycle times


  • Spring plunger consisting of high-strength stainless steel rod, bress sleeve with integrated bearing and damping springs
  • Plunger rod with integrated vacuum feed (connection thread at top)
  • Anti-rotation guard due to flat side on the rod and a correspondingly shaped guide sleeve
  • Thread for suction pad is always a male thread
  • Thread for vacuum line is always a female thread

Additional Information

 FSTE-HD (356 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information