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  • Spring plunger with lower damping spring
    »  Soft placement of the suction pad on easily damaged workpieces; good compensation for varying workpiece heights
  • Upper damping spring with spring rate
    »  Prevention of excessive stroke lengths; uniform load distribution


  • Handling of workpieces with differing heights (such as curved metal sheets, etc.)
  • Handling of easily damaged workpieces (such as sheets of glass) without additional control functions to prevent damage, since the plunger ensures soft placement


  • Spring plunger consisting of a high-strength steel rod, guide sleeve and upper and lower damping springs
  • Plunger rod with integrated vacuum feed (connection thread at top)
  • Thread for suction pad is always a male thread
  • Thread for vacuum line is always a female thread

Additional Information

 FSTA (172 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information