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  • Fully flexible mounting of suction pads and suction plates
    »  Very good adaptation to sloping workpiece surfaces
  • Joint made of rubber and metal
    »  Automatic reset function to neutral position
  • Low pivoting fulcrum
    »  Reduced wear on suction pads when they are placed on sloping surfaces
  • High-strength connection between rubber and metal parts
    »  Vacuum-tight design with integrated protection against damage


  • Handling of workpieces with sloping surfaces with large-area suction pads or plates
  • Handling of large sheets of materials (such as wood or sheet metal) which may sag when lifted (Flexolink prevents the sheet from being pulled off due to one-sided forces)
  • Can be used together with spring plungers to compensate for differing workpiece heights and uneven surfaces


  • Flexible mounting made of high-quality steel with a rubber buffer (vulcanised into position) as a joint
  • Maximum deflection angle limited by a screw-in stop
  • Force is transferred via a shaped metal connection within the joint
  • Flats on upper and lower halves for damage-free installation

Additional Information

 FLK (348 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information