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  • Minimimal overall height
    »  Smallest possible space requirements, since suction pads can be mounted directly on cross-beams
  • Vacuum connector on the side
    »  No additional vertical space needed
  • Connection threads from M5 to 1/2″
    »  Wide range of applications for all suction pads of the standard program
  • For use together with spring plungers or for mounting with a mounting adapter directly on holders or mounting brackets
    »  Flexible use to meet all requirements


  • For use wherever suction pads need to be mounted and supplied with vacuum in restricted spaces
  • Adapter for side connection ANW permits mounting on other accessories such as spring plungers or, together with mounting adapter VRS-AN, on standard holders or mounting brackets.


  • Adapter side connection ANW made of galvanized steel with connection thread at bottom and vacuum connector on the side
  • Mounting thread without vacuum connector at the top
  • Mounting adapter VRS-AN made of galvanized steel for screwing into further accessories or for mounting with screw-in connector

Additional Information

 ANW (268 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information