Mounting Elements

Schmalz offers a wide range of mounting elements which permit many alternative ways of integrating suction pads and grippers to form a complete vacuum gripping system.

The mounting elements are divided into the following groups:

  • Jointed Mountings
  • Spring Plungers
  • Holders and Adapters
  • Sections, cross-beams and connectors

Mounting Elements - General Information General information(120 Kb)

Vacuum End Effectors VEE

VEE Modular Vacuum End Effector Vacuum End Effectors VEE• Individual configuration
• Reduced construction and manufacturing efforts
• Extremely lightweight
• Outstanding hygiene properties
System components for quick and cost-effective designing of vacuum end effectors for highspeed packaging processes.

Jointed mountings

Flexolink FLK• Connections: G1/4” and G1/2”
• Deflection: max. 12°
Mounting which flexes in all directions, permitting adaptation to angled surfaces.
Ball joints KGL• Connections: G1/4” to G1/2”
• Deflection: max. 15°
Mounting which flexes in all directions, permitting adaptation to angled surfaces.

Spring plungers

Spring plunger FSTE
• Connections: M3, M5, G1/8” to G1/2”
• Stroke: 5 to 95 mm
Spring plungers with integrated damping and height compensation, anti-rotation guard optional.
Spring plunger FSTE-HD
• Connections: G1/8” to G1/2”
• Stroke: 15 to 95 mm
Spring plungers with integrated damping and height compensation. With high-quality guide sleeves for rough operating conditions. Overload protection (FSTA-HD only). Plungers with anti-rotation guard.
Spring plunger FSTA
• Connections: G1/4” and G1/2”
• Stroke: 25 to 95 mm
Spring plungers with integrated damping, stroke limiter and uniform load distribution.
Spring plunger FSTA-HD
• Connections: G1/4″ to G1/2″
• Stroke: 25 to 95 mm
The spring plunger with integrated damping, protection against excessively long strokes, suitable for continuous use under rough conditions.
Spring plunger FSTI
• Connections: G1/4” and G3/8”
• Stroke: 10 and 25 mm
Spring plungers with internal damping spring with high quality sliding bearings.
Spring plunger FSTF
• Connections: G1/2″-AG and G1/4″-IG
• Stroke: 50 mm
Spring plunger with integrated damping and stroke compensation, optional anti-rotation guard, with variable mounting system for direct mounting on aluminium sections.

Holders for suction pads and spring plungers

Adapter for elbow connector ANW
• Connections: M5 to G1/2”
For direct, space-saving mounting of suction pads.
Bulkhead connector SVS-GE
• Connections: G1/8″ to G1/4”
Bulkhead Connector for direct and height-adjustable mounting of suction pads.
Holder for light-metal sections HTR-STA
• Mountings for spring plungers FSTE/FSTA, M5 to G1/4”
Holders for mounting on aluminium sections.
Holder for square tubes HTR-STS
• Mountings for spring plungers FSTE/FSTA, M5 to G1/2”
• Square sections 30×30 to 60×60 mm
Holders for mounting on square-section tubes.
Holder for Suction-pads HTR-S
• Suction-pad holder with ball joint and with stud
The holder for suction pads with rectangular adapters. For hinged mounting with ball head or rigid mounting with stud.
Holder for spring plunger HTR-FST
• Mountings for FSTI plungers
The versatile holder for mounting on a wide range of systems.
Universal holder HTR-UNI
• Connections: G1/4”
• Vacuum line: G1/8”
• Mounting for pipes with diameter 25 to 32 mm or 30×30 mm
The complete system for adjustable mounting of suction pads.

Sections and connectors

Mounting sections MO-PROF
• Cross-sections: 40×40 mm and 40×80 mm
• With 1 or 3 chambers
Extremely strong aluminum sections with accessories for constructing load cross-beams, with integrated vacuum line.