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  • Wide range of sizes
    »  Suitable filter for all vacuum generators
  • Filter elements with very good separation
    »  Optimum protection of vacuum generators against dust and dirt
  • Filter pore sizes 80 and 100 µm
    »  Ideal for use as pre-filters and fine filters for air with varying amounts of contamination
  • Filter elements made of stainless steel (100 µm) and polyethylene (80 µm)
    »  Long-life filter elements which can be cleaned and reused
  • Filter cup made of clear nylon
    »  Degree of contamination easily visible


  • Protection of vacuum generators (such as ejectors or small pumps) by filtering the incoming air
  • Filtering of vacuum and compressed air at pressures up to 7 bar
  • Filtering with pore size 80 µm of air with a small to medium amount of contamination
  • Filtering with pore size 100 µm of air with larger amounts of contamination


  • Vacuum cup filter with filter cup made of clear nylon
  • Filter cartridge made of polyethylene (pore size 80 µm) or stainless steel (pore size 100 µm)
  • Stainless steel cartridge can be cleaned and reused several times

Additional Information

 VFT (174 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information