• Fast and easily replaceable filter insert
    »  Low operating costs, environmentally friendly product
  • Indication of degree of contamination through transparent housing
    »   Fast identification permits efficient maintanance
  • Simple hose connection
    »  Quick installation
  • Vacuum filter capable of withstanding short-term pressures of up to 7 bar
    »   Suitable for universal use in systems with vacuum and pressure


  • For use in vacuum systems with minor to medium dirt levels
  • Can be mounted on individual suction pads for the handling of dirty workpieces


  • Nozzles with union nuts on both ends for connection of hoses (internal hose diameter 4 and 6 mm)
  • Transparent filter housing with arrow for indication of the flow direction
  • Filter head with knurled screw cap
  • Slide-in filter element made of transparent material for visual monitoring

Additional Information

VFI  (250 Kb) - Download PDF for further detailed information