• Wide range of sizes with various performance figures
    »  The right filter for each vacuum generator
  • Replaceable filter cartridges
    »  Low operating costs, environmentally friendly design
  • Filter elements with almost 100% removal of dust and dirt
    »  Optimum protection of vacuum generators against dust and dirt
  • Optionally with monitoring of the degree of contamination of the filter cartridge
    »  Maximum system availability


  • Protection of easily damaged vacuum generators (such as pumps and blowers) by filtering the incoming air
  • For use in dusty surroundings; removal of almost 100% of the dust and dirt


  • Vacuum filter type VF: aluminum filter house, cover screwed on, filter cartridge with wire mesh (VF 1-4) or paper (VF 3-8) filter
  • Vacuum filter type STF N: sheet-steel filter housing, cover clipped on, filter cartridge with special paper filter
  • Vacuum filter types STF P: plastic filter housing, cover clipped on, with mounting bracket, filter cartridge with special paper filter, large-size connections
  • Type STF-D P: with additional pressure monitor for measuring the degree of contamination

Additional Information

 VF-STF-STF-D (226 Kb) - Download PDF for further detailed information