Filters And Connectors

This section contains everything you need to connect the vacuum generators to the suction pads with hoses. It also offers a wide range of dust filters for protection of your vacuum system.

You should select the components carefully in order to ensure correct operation of your vacuum system.

General information(105 Kb)

Vacuum Filters

• Nominal flow rates 6 to 480 m³/h
• Pore sizes: 3 to 10 μm
For installation in inlet lines to protect the vacuum generators.
Vacuum cup filter VFT
• Pore sizes 80 and 100 µm
• Connection thread G1/8” to G3/4”
• Nominal flow rates from 45 to 770 l/min
• Materials PE and stainless steel
Wide range of vacuum filters for protection of vacuum generators against dirt and damage. Filter elements can be cleaned and replaced.
Inline filter VFI
•Filter mesh: 50 µm
•Connection options: hose 6/6 or 8/6
Inline installation in the vacuum line to protect the vacuum generator.

Vacuum Distributors

Vacuum/compressed-air distributor VTR
•5-way and 9-way manifolds
•Connections G1/8″ and G1/4″
For distribution of the vacuum from a central vacuum generator.

Hoses And Connectors

Vacuum/compressed-air hose VSL
•External/internal diameters from 4/2 to 87/75
•Materials: PA,PE,PU,PVC
Suitable for both vacuum and compressed-air systems.
Hose clamp SSB/SSD
•Clamping diameters from 10 to 90 mm
For securing hoses on to hose barbs.
Plug-in screw unions
•Connection thread M5 to G1/2″
•Material: nickel-plated brass
Plug-in unions for quick, tool-free connection of hoses.
Screw unions with union nut EIV-GE, EIV-W
•Connection thread G1/4″ to G1/2″
•Material: anodised aluminium
unions for permanent connection of textile-reinforced hoses.
Accessories for screw unions
•Connection thread M5 to 1 1/2″
•Material: nickel-plated brass
Accessories for plugging, extending, enlarging and reducing threaded holes.
Rotary inlet DEF
•Rotation speeds from 21 to 3500 rpm
For connection of hoses to rotating machine components.
Sealing ring DR•Internal diameters from 3.5 to 48 Sealing elements for sleeves and screw connections.