Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Vacuum handling is an effective, efficient and ergonomic method of lifting many different products.

With vacuum handling systems, production processes are streamlined and processing times shortened. At the same time staff members’ motivation and productivity are increased.

Millsom are proud to offer the following vacuum lifting products:

vacuum-tube-lifters-lifting-equipmentJumbo Vacuum Tube Lifters

The Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifting system is the intelligent answer to your handling problems. Its secret: only one medium is responsible for holding the load and lifting it… vacuum. Due to its high suction flow capacity, the Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifting system is capable of lifting even porous products!
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vaccum-lifter-lifting-equipmentVacuMaster Modular Vacuum Lifters

Often loads have to be moved not only horizontally but also to be swivelled by 90° or turned over by 180°. The VacuMaster product line offers lifting capacities of 125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000kg.
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lifting-equipmentVacuum Turning Table 180°

The vacuum turning table is a fast and effective method of turning over a sheet of wood or similar material.
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vacuum-lifting-componentsVacuum Components

The range of vacuum components includes: Venturi Pumps, Suction Pads, Vacuum and Pressure Switches, Pad Mounting Elements, Gripping Systems, and Accessories.
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