Racking Roller

Creating the ultimate picking environment and increasing pallet handling efficiency.

Pallet-HandlingProviding warehouse staff improved and easy access to your palletised product making awkward, heavy or high repetition picks easy, quick and most importantly, safe.

By combining Racking Roller and EZY Picker to your warehouse racking system, you will not only create a safer working environment for your staff, you will also create a more efficient work place.


Racking Roller Pullout Shelving SystemPallet-Handling-Lifting-Equipment

The patented design allows the operator easy access to your first level of palletised product.

An operator can easily extract the loaded pallet of product from the racking space. When fully extended the palletised product is easily accessible from both sides of the pallet. All picking is done at a safe working height eliminating any climbing or over reaching into the racking space, which in turn will significantly increase operator safety and reduce the risk of potential musculoskeletal injury.

Each Racking Roller unit has a dual Fail Safe Locking device that is simple and easy to use. Select the required pallet location by sliding the selector handle, rotate the pull handle to release the secondary safety lock and pull out the pallet, to return the pallet simply push the unit back into the racking space and release the pull handle, the unit will automatically lock into position.

By installing the Millsom Racking Roller System to your pallet racking structure you will eliminate the need for your staff to enter the racking space. No more climbing or struggling to access your product and no need for forklifts to remove the pallet from the racking structure to pick product.

These products are designed and manufactured in Australia, our equipment is specifically designed to provide a more efficient, safer working environment and reduce associated workplace musculoskeletal injuries.

The Racking Roller Specifications:
Suitable for both new and existing rack installations,(conditions apply)

Available to suit:

  • Standard 1150mm x 1150mm Pallet.
  • Euro 1200mm x 800mm Pallet.
  • Other sizes available on request.

Standard Finish:

  • Powder coated safety yellow.
  • Available in 1000 kg and 600 kg versions.
  • Available to suit standard CHEP or EURO pallets.
  • Optional sizes available on request.
  • Installation available.
  • Annual service, repair and maintenance support available.

*Please note that installation to existing racking structures will require confirmation of suitability by your racking supplier.

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