EZY Picker for Pallet Handling

Creating a safer working environment when picking goods for pallets, the EZY Picker is a revolutionary patented new way to pick or retrieve goods, especially at lower levels, or in awkward or hard to get places.

Providing safer pallet handling, the EZY Picker is ideal for use in retail stores, warehouses, distribution centres, document and storage facilities.

The EZY Picker has widespread use in materials handling and manual handling and increases safety, productivity and efficiency wherever pallet handling is involved.

Benefits of using the EZY Picker include potential reductions in manual handling injuries, lost time injury claims and reduce WorkSafe Premiums.

  before EZY Picker                                                                          with EZY Picker


The EZY Picker Offers:

  • Safe, simple and easy operation with no operator training.
  • Minimum effort by the operator to extend or retract.
  • An easy fitting handle.
  • A Reduction in operator fatigue through ease of accessing goods.

EZY Picky Features:

  • A heavy-duty robust telescopic frame mechanism, which extends and contracts with ease.Pallet-Handling
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Minimum maintenance required.
  • 75mm diameter, solid nylon roller wheels,fitted with maintenance free bearings.
  • Solid, fail-safe stops that prevent the EZY Picker from continual rolling for operator safety when conducting pallet handling.

For varied pallet handling applications two EZY Picker models are available the EP-1 (1000kg) and the EP-2 (2000kg).

Standard Dimensions (L x W x H) : 1180mm x 1180mm x 120mm
Extended Dimensions (L x W x H) : 1180mm x 2300mm x 120mm
Weight: 50 kg

Standard Finish:
Powder coated yellow & black or galvanized, available in stainless steel and other colour choices.

Optional custom made choices to suit your specific requirements with installation available.

 Optional 360 degree turntable

An optional 360 degrees turntable allows an operator to rotate the load whilst loading and unloading with a minimum of stretching.

Initial and sustained force required to move a one tonne pallet over a distance of 2m. Height of hands while pulling—89 cm, frequency (one pull every 5 min).

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