Confined Space Spring Pallet Elevators

Pallet-HandlingIncrease your pallet picking /packing efficiency and safety with the patented design of our Confined Space Spring Pallet Elevators.

Spring Pallet Elevators are designed to maintain a constant safe working height relative to the applied load.

The significant design feature of all Spring Elevators is the patented 1-5 spring mechanism, all springs are rated the same, no confusion of what spring goes where.

All units include a full set of springs and a spring changing tool.

The unique patented design allows the operator to easily change a full set of springs in under 2 minutes. Springs can be easily added or removed to suit the working load. Pallet Elevators are available in a number of configurations, standard rotating or fixed flat top.

Options include; non slip rubber mat top, galv flat top infill, table top stop, base wheels and foot lock.

Each of our Spring Pallet Elevators create a safer working environment for your staff when handling pallets by preventing associated work place musculoskeletal injuries.



  • 1250kg and 2000kg versions available.
  • Standard finish powder coat yellow and black. Also available zinc plate galv finish, with stainless steel versions also available on request.
  • Extendable top height: 860mm.
  • Compressed height: 360mm
  • Table top diameter: 1150mm

Other Elevator Products for Pallet handling

Milliom’s Materials Handling are lifting equipment specialists and our range of products is continually growing including the following new products for other pallet handling applications:

The Pneumatic
Pallet-Handling(Air Bag) Elevator is a simple & easy to use elevator that allows the operator to control the work height at the push of a button.

For a budget power lifter consider the Pneumatic.
Available as shown with flat top, with optional galv overlay or rotating top.


The Hydraulic

The ultimate power lifter the Hydraulic will out perform all other HydraulicPallet-Handling
lifters on the market, the unique design enables the Hydraulic to be fitted
with an optional powered rotating table top. Features include 240 volt ac
operation, foot pedal control, 1 or 2 tonne capacities, optional powered top,
forward / reverse & variable speed control also available on request.

Powered Rotating Top

Pallet-HandlingThe unique patented design enables us to offer the only Spring Pallet Elevator on the
market with a powered rotating top, this is a unique feature which makes our units suitable for a variety of work place applications. The powered rotating top spring pallet elevator operates from a standard 240VAC 10amp GPO, the flexibility of this unit will enhance a wide variety of working environments especially those with limited space. Options include, variable speed control and hand or foot control.

Stretch Wrapper Attachment

The ultimate option for the powered spring pallet elevator is our stretch wrapper attachment.Pallet-Handling Available as a single or twin mast unit, it has all the normal features you would expect from a stretch wrapper with the added flexibility of being detachable. The stretch wrapper mast attachment can easily be removed from the powered spring elevator table, enabling the mast attachment to be connected to multiple powered spring pallet tables, the mast assembly contains all the operator controls and simply plugs into the stretch wrapper table, the units are then secured by a locking clamp, this process can all be done in under a minute.


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