Hydraulic Lift Tables and Scissor Hoists combine an extensive range of capacities, features and options to provide the factory or warehouse with convenient lifting and work positioning.

Standard controls on hydraulic lift tables provide automatic down-indexing, electronic diagnostics and enhanced safety features.
Designed for safety, the scissor lift tables meet or exceed all industry standards.

  • Manual or automatic turntables to rotate the load.
  • Tilting decks that present the product to the operator.
  • High cycle capacity.
  • Safety bars or skirts to protect operators.
  • Varied deck construction, stainless steel, checker-plate and more.
  • Special frames to capture the load.
  • Low height scissor tables for use with hand pallet trucks.
  • Controls can be automated or interlocked with associated equipment


  • Our unique workbench options have been designed for workers who use their hydraulic lift table as a fabrication or assembly bench.
  • On Board power outlets that eliminate trailing electrical cords.
  • Multiple hand or foot controls can be supplied to prevent unnecessary movement around the table to change its elevation.
  • Welded edge tabs to store tools on the table.
  • A slide out tray to store tools and plans.
  • Plumbing for air hoses.