lifting-equipmentThe HOYER Lifting Units are available in a variety of models with many options.

Some models have only powered raise and lower and the travel motion is achieved by the care giver pushing the hoist along the track.

Other models have both powered raise, lower and travel in both directions along the track.



  • 12 Volt operation via a rechargeable battery eliminates the need for trailing cables and is therefore more suitable for longer tracks and tracks with bends.
  • Pendant control of both vertical and lateral movement, designed to promote user independence.
  • Suitable for bedroom, bathroom or pool.
  • For persons up to 160 Kg.
  • Choice of models.
  • Patented aluminium track systems.
  • Wide range of slings
  • Spreader bar with swivel device allows 360° movement without twisting the vertical strap.
  • Emergency lowering cord.