Air Balanced Hoists

Floating on Air.

Air Balanced Hoists provide a standard hoisting operation, but with the addition of a floating functionality.

Hoisting is performed using the attached up/down control pendant, and the floating function enables a weightless vertical movement of up to 300mm.

Once the hoisting operation has finished, the floating feature provides superior control when handling goods that are awkward or fragile, or for products that require precise positioning.

The Millsom Air Balanced Hoist is ideal for a product that needs to be lifted and then assembled to another part, but the weight of the product needs to be supported whilst this operation is performed.


  • Standard Models are available from 60 to 280kg (based on 6.9 Bar/100 psi air pressure)
  • Hoisting speed can be regulated using the supplied control valve
  • Minimal moving parts ensures high reliability
  • Low maintenance costs and small air consumption
  • Safety features including a brake lock mechanism that prevents the load from falling if the air supply fails or is overloaded
  • If hoist overloaded, an audible alarm sounds by discharging air


The Millsom Air Balance Hoist can been used to handle a diverse range of goods in a wide number of industries, including:

  • vehicle assembly lines
  • automobile parts manufacturing
  • supporting heavy tools like nut-runners, lifting jigs etc
  • tyre manufacturing
  • stonework/masonry
  • fragile goods
  • perishables
  • woodworking

Dimension Data

Single Fall Air Balanced Hoist


Model Name Lifting Capacity Height of Lift Weight Dim A Dim B Dim C
MBH06020 60 kg 2.0 m 22 kg 166 mm 412 mm 190 mm
MBH11036 110 kg 3.6 m 40 kg 268 mm 412 mm 220 mm
MBH16020 160 kg 2.0 m 36 kg 268 mm 412 mm 220 mm
MBH28020 280 kg 2.0 m 60 kg 356 mm 430 mm 270 mm


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