Fork-Lift Attachments

Fork-Lift Drum Lifters

Drum handling made easy. A good field of vision allows the

operator to continually observe the drum being handled.

The operator does not leave the drivers seat.

The unique Grab Beak design provides a high clamping force, even when travelling over uneven ground. With few moving parts this attachment requires no down time for repairs. These Lifters are suitable for standard 205 litre steel or plastic drums.


Goods Cages

The MH-GC12/18 forklift Goods Cages are suitable for the transport of large or small items, and are ideal for the transportation of goods between ground and mezzanine levels. Supplied standard with hinged ramp to enable trolleys to be wheeled into the cage. Standard finish is enamel painted.


fork-lift-attachmentsFixed Jib (Short)

The type MH-J25 Fixed Jib (Short) is designed as an affordable general purpose forklift jib able to manoeuvre in confined spaces, with a 2.0 metre reach when fully extended. Simply slide onto the fork tines and secure with safety chain. Further Capacities and designs are available on request.

fork-lift-attachmentsWheelie Bin Tippers

The bin is wheeled into the Tipper and secured with safety chains. The 180 degree tipping operation is simple and safe with the operator never having to leave the seat during the tipping cycle.


fork-lift-attachmentsWork Platform

The type MH-WPN Work platform has been designed to safely carry out tasks of short duration and occasional usage with a forklift truck, such as maintenance or stock take. Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS 2359.1 the MH-WPN Work Platform is suitable for a maximum of two people. Supplied standard as a “flatpack” for on site assembly, or may be supplied fully assembled upon request.


Fork-Lift Drum Lifter

The fully automatic clamping action of this drum lifter enables safe and precise placement of drums. To grip the drum simply push the arms against drum centre and drive forward. The arms will engage around the drum and lock under the rolling hoop when raised. The heavier the load, the tighter the grip. To release, lower down and drive backwards.