Electronic Lifting Device

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This lifting solution can handle almost any product in any industry imaginable.

Handle your loads intuitively ~ smart, powerful, secure, fast and precise.


More than just a high tech solution, this revolutionary electronic lifting device can be the answer you have been looking for.

Why is this lifting unit for you?

  • Intuitive: Quick and easily able to keep up with the movements of the operator.
  • Intelligent: The screen and keyboard allow defining scenarios of displacements, rights of access, displays, statistics, online help, etc.
  • Programmable: 5 BUS inputs to pilot controls or receive information from the gripper.
  • Integration: Can be easily integrated to any kind of gripper.
  • Safety: The activation of the system is conditioned by a detector of presence.
  • Communication: Via Bluetooth you can exchange information as required.

Usage and Benefits:

  • All products: coils, barrels, metal sheets, boxes, windows, plastic parts and more.
  • All sectors: food-processing industry, car industry, industries, logistics picking,etc.
  • Immediate productivity gains: high performance of handling (0-300 kg, 2 m/s, acceleration 1 g).
  • Safety and well-being of operators: weight reduced to 20 g, controlled access, personalised parameters.
  • Intelligence approved by all: operator, management, method, production, safety, maintenance, ergonomists.
  • Reduction of costs: drop in absenteeism and in turnover, high versatility of the employees, preservation of the product handled.
  • Easy integration and installation.


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