Drum Lifter

Decant with control
The most cost effective drum lifter on the market. Millsom Materials Handling now provides a safe, spill-free and convenient way to handle, move and decant standard chemical and raw material drums.

The Millsom Drum Lifter is an easy way to handle your standard 225 litre (44 gallon) metal drums. It can safely lift, move and tilt your drums (for decanting) and can be used in just about any industry, including dangerous goods handling.

The innovative drum attachment method means that initial access to the underside of the drum is not required. The upper support mechanism is fixed to the top lip of the drum with a strong clamping action (allowing the drum to be raised), then the secondary lower securing clamp is positioned under the lower lip of the drum, providing a safe and secure connection.

The Drum Lifter has an overall width of only 890mm, allowing it to be moved in restrictive workspaces and through narrow doorways.

With a capacity of 350kgs and a lifting height of 1425 mm, the Millsom Drum Lifter is simple to use and a very effective way to handle your drums at a third of the cost of some other drum handling systems available on the market.


  • Small width profile allows travel through narrow doorways
  • Manual pour mechanism for precise control
  • Robust hydraulic ram with foot or hand lifting operation
  • Safety brake mechanism to prevent movement during decanting

Dimension Data:

Model Name YTC3
Rated Capacity 350 kg
Lifting Height 1425 mm
Overall Length 1190 mm
Overall Width 890 mm
Overall Height 2020 mm
Net Weight 155 kg