Jib & Slewing Cranes – Aluminium

Flexible Crane Solutions for Large Working Areas

Aluminium Jib cranes are very versatile and can be combined with many lifting devices such as chain hoists, cable hoists, cable balancers or vacuum lifting devices. They boast perfect ease of movement and ergonomic operation. As a result of the high load capacity of up to 990 kg, heavy workpieces can also be lifted safely and with little physical effort.


Column mounted jib crane with chain hoist and VacuMaster vacuum lifting device.


Wall mounted jib crane with vacuum tube lifter Jumbo.










  • Ergonomic and safe transport of all types of loads at the work place.
  • Use in combination with chain hoists, cable balancers or vacuum lifting devices.
  • Available in both freestanding or column mounted.


Aluminium Jib arm:
Length: up to 4500 mm

  • Aluminium pivot bearing
  • Column mounted jib crane swivel angle: 270°
  • Wall mounted jib crane swivel angle: 180°
  • Can be limited
  • Painted or galvanised steel crane column
  • Integrated main switch

Your Benefits

  • Outstanding low friction operation thanks to low moving mass
  • High speed operation and positioning accuracy
  • Supports ergonomic operation while reducing strain on workers
  • Large operating range thanks to generous swivel angle
  • Adjustable travel path thanks to variable end stops
  • High quality wear resistant components
  • Modern design with anodized surfaces

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