Light Capacity Track Gantry Cranes – Aluminium

Flexible Crane Solutions for Large Working Areas

Aluminium light capacity track gantry crane systems offer impressive low friction operation. A favorable weight-load ratio ensures that even heavy work pieces are handled effortlessly. The equal distribution of loads on all the supporting rollers prevents the transport trolleys from tilting. The modular design allows the crane system to be attached to any steel structure or other superstructure.


Aluminium gantry crane system complete with chain hoist.


Aluminium gantry crane system complete with vacuum tube lifter Jumbo.











  • Modular gantry crane system allowing flexible and cost efficient configuration of individual crane solutions.
  • Suitable for use in almost any internal production, assembly, or logistics process for the manual or automatic handling of all types of loads.
  • Particularly suited to large work areas.


  • Modular ceiling suspension system
  • Optimum connection to existing building structures
  • Aluminium crane runway
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Weights from 3 kg /m
  • Transport trolley
  • Connection of crane bridge and hoist
  • Aluminium gantry crane bridge

Your Benefits

  • Ergonomic handling thanks to outstanding low friction operation and a low moving mass
  • Reduced processing times thanks to high speed operation and positioning accuracy
  • Aligns to individual requirements in terms of budget and load capacity
  • High reliability thanks to high quality, wear resistant components
  • Adjustable travel path thanks to variable end stops
  • High quality wear resistant components
  • Easy mounting thanks to intelligent modular system

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