Heavy Duty Balancers with 2.0 metre cable
In view of the uncompromising standards of quality and safety of the 7241 series of balancers, it is no surprise they have become standard equipment in countless branches of industry.

The breakdown of load capacities was optimised on the basis of many years of experience, while the modular design permits the load range to be changed by the simple replacement of the fully enclosed spring assembly.

The load capacity can be easily adjusted by means of a convenient worm screw mechanism, and the resting height can be easily set by means of the adjustable cable clamp.

As an added safety feature, a pull-out limiter has been fitted, which prevents the cable coupling from becoming overloaded. The cable drum has also been mounted in ball bearings, ensuring effortless positioning and prolonged endurance.

Features Include:

  • Suspension hook swivels freely and is complete with safety latch
  • Housing and housing cover made from high strength die cast aluminium
  • Cable drum made from high strength die cast aluminium
  • Cable made from high-strength steel, with a resilient rubber buffer and screw-type spring hook
  • Cable length can be adjusted by means of adjustable cable clamp
  • Cable pull-out limiter prevents overloading
  • Ferrule to safely secure cable end
  • Internal spring made from high-strength spring steel, which is fully covered and riveted
  • Spring module can be easily replaced with new spring module of differing load range
  • Spring tension adjustment to the suspended weight with a worm screw
  • Fitted as standard with safety detent with integral cable drum lock and safety chain


Model Capacity[kg] HOL [m] Net Wgt
7241-02 20 – 30 2.0 15.2
7241-03 30 – 45 2.0 16.9
7241-04 45 – 60 2.0 17.3
7241-05 60 – 75 2.0 18.7
7241-06 75 – 90 2.0 19.7
7241-07 90 – 100 2.0 19.9


7241 Series