Medium Duty Balancers with Automatic Arresting Mechanism
The 7231 series of balancers have undergone long-term improvement and development. Despite their lightweight construction, they are more than a match for their intended purpose under extreme conditions.

They can be used for performing simple balancing functions like holding a tool, or can be used for more demanding tasks such as harnessing multiple hoses on a robot.

The load capacity can be easily adjusted by means of a convenient worm screw mechanism, and the resting height can be easily set by means of the adjustable cable clamp.

The 7231 series of balancers are equipped with an automatic arresting mechanism which stops the retraction process, provided the suspended tool is returned slowly to its resting position.

Features Include:

  • Suspension hook swivels freely and is complete with safety latch
  • Housing made from impact and abrasion resistant orange plastic
  • Cable drum made from highly abrasion resistant plastic
  • Cable made from high-strength steel, with a resilient rubber buffer and spring hook
  • Cable length can be adjusted by means of adjustable cable clamp
  • Ferrule to safely secure cable end
  • Internal spring made from high-strength spring steel, with tension adjustment to the suspended weight with a worm screw
  • Fitted as standard with safety detent with integral cable drum lock and safety chain


Model Capacity[kg] HOL [m] Net Wgt
7231-04 9.0 – 14 2.0 3.6
7231-05 13 – 17 2.0 3.8
7231-06 16 – 21 2.0 4.0


7231 Series